Grand Valley State University CCTV

Grand Valley State University provides a safe and secure environment in which to learn, live, and work. So when the GVSU Police Department wanted to increase the number of security cameras on campus, they turned to Presidio and Town & Country Group.

Town & Country Group’s diligent technicians installed 1,100 data cables for over 1,400 new cameras installed on Grand Valley State’s campuses in Grand Rapids, Allendale, Holland and Muskegon. Our team coordinated multiple underground boring runs to outdoor camera locations and installed conduit, termination boxes, network switches and grounding devices on all exterior cameras. We also installed and painted conduit in interior spaces with exposed ceilings or walls. Presidio connected and programmed the cameras. 

The project increased GVPD’s camera coverage from 5 percent to 85 percent, according to GVPD Capt. Jeffery Stoll. It also improved GVSU’s surveillance infrastructure, allowing multiple cameras to be accessed at the same time from one location. 

Town & Country Group’s expert coordination and communication skills were on display with GVSU and Presidio, as we needed to schedule around classes, staff meetings and events to ensure safety for all.