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Skyscrapers Powered by Solar-Power Windows Are Coming Soon

In just a few short years, our buildings and skyscrapers could be powered by solar-power windows, and a local Michigan State professor is leading the charge. Richard Lunt, a professor of chemical engineering and material science, is working with a team to develop clear glass solar panels that can convert energy from the sun into energy that can be used to power a building.

The solar panels we have now are not translucent, and they must be placed on the rooftops of buildings so they can be exposed to the sun. But Professor Lunt realized that the vertical surface area of a building, especially a tall skyscraper, is much larger than the horizontal surface area of its rooftop. He determined that if he could turn these larger vertical areas into solar harvesting surfaces, it could really make a huge impact.

Professor Lunt and his team have already created transparent glass solar panels that are successfully gathering light and converting it into electricity. When installed on a building, you won’t be able to notice any difference between a regular window and these solar windows. These clean energy producing windows can be retrofitted onto existing buildings, and they don’t have to be installed when a building is being constructed. This is some very exciting technology that is right around the corner!


Voted Best Electrician in Holland, MI

Town & Country Group is honored to have been voted the 2015 Best Electricians in Holland, MI on Thumbtack! A huge thank you goes out to all of our wonderful clients who contributed to make this award possible. Our focus has always been to deliver high quality electrical, telecommunication, control, and security services to our commercial and residential clients that not only meet, but exceed their needs.

Another big thank you goes out to all of our dedicated team members who work tirelessly each day to keep our clients homes and businesses powered properly. The electrical business is fast paced and ever changing, and our expert team does an amazing job of keeping up with every obstacle to continuously deliver high-quality service on time and on budget. Over the years, our talented team has become more like family, especially since many members have been with us for more than 10 years.

We promise to continue to uphold the highest quality and safety standards that we have focused on since we first began back in 1983. We are truly passionate about the electrical work that we do and about making sure our customers are completely satisfied with our installation and maintenance services. Again, we greatly appreciate this honor and look forward to continuing serving you for many more decades to come!