Point-To-Point Wireless Technology Solutions Can Result in Faster Wi-Fi at Lower Costs

Point-To-Point Wireless Technology Solutions Can Result in Faster Wi-Fi at Lower Costs

Many businesses deliver themselves from the monthly costs and hassles of relying on the internet to keep a network connection to their other nearby facilities. They are using a better solution that saves time and money while giving them better connection speeds.

Town & Country Group provided electrical and technology services for Ottawa Beach Marina.

Point-To-Point wireless technology (PTP or P2P) has improved, so businesses now have a reliable, secure and cost-effective way to connect to multiple sites without sacrificing bandwidth. And we’re not just talking about connecting to the warehouse across the street, modern PTP antennas can connect buildings dozens of miles apart. PTP can also be used as a redundant link in cases where a business already has an Optical Fiber link to other locations.

There are three basic types of PTP: Regular PTP, Point-To-Multi-Point (PTM) and Point-To-Point Wireless Mesh.

Regular PTP is, as it suggests, a link from one point to another. PTP is deployed when a clear line of sight exists between the locations. Typically, this is used in the “warehouse across the street” scenario. 

Each boat slip at Ottawa Beach Marina offers free Wi-Fi, thanks to a Point-to-Point solution.

PTM connects multiple locations regardless of whether a line of sight exists. A PTM application works well for clients that have multiple locations in an area, such as a school district. 

PTP Wireless Mesh provides a point-to-point connection and also provides a WiFi access point at a remote location. Town & Country Group recently used a Mesh Network solution at a boat marina. It allowed us to cover a wide area with WiFi without having to run back-bone cabling to each wireless device.

Installing a PTP network saves time and money and, if properly deployed, can be secure and dependable. By its very nature, a PTP network is easily manageable and expandable. 

Some circumstances may need to be taken into consideration before just going out and buying a couple of antennas. For instance, being located in an urban or industrial area might hinder the wireless signal. There might be other things to consider, such as frequency selection, distance and environmental interference. This is why it is important to choose a qualified professional who can perform a site survey to identify potential hazards and has the tools, testing equipment and resources to do a proper and safe install. 

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